In 2010 we bought a traditional abandoned farmhouse, made of old stones and bricks in the countyside of region 'le Mache', Italy’s secret regio.
Our house is located on the border of the provinces ' Pesaro e Urbino'  and  'Ancona'  in the Cesano valley close to Pergola (PU).

This old farmhouse house was in a very bad condition, a lot had to be done. With the help of local craftsmen, while retaining its original structure and character, we were able to restore this farm.
We live there now all year round.

During restoration we  found a space to create a holiday apartment.
This apartment is situated at the front of the farmhouse and is
suitable for 2 adults with fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a private entrance.  You can rent this apartment direct from us, without any exra fees.